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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

See the tabs at the bottom of page for specific Tackle, Flag, and Cheer FAQs


1. How do I register?

Registration is done online via our website. A link to the registration will be provided on our REGISTRATION page under the Registration link on the left side. We offer online payment options and offline payment methods for those who must pay by check or cash. An email account is required to register online and payment is made by credit card. Tip: Most public libraries offer free internet access to complete the registration if you do not have internet access from home.


2. What is the participation fee?

 The fees currently are:

Spirit Cheer:                         $100.00

Competitive Cheer:                $575.00

Flag:                                    $125.00

House Tackle:                       $250.00

Falcon Travel Football:           $400.00

Non-Resident Fee                  $25.00


3. What does the registration fee go towards?

Park Ridge Football is a non-profit organization. Fees go to cover Park Ridge Park District fees such as field rental and maintenance, Background Checks, officials, insurance, uniforms, equipment, and operating expenses for this valuable experience. 


4. Why is registration so early when the season starts in August?

We need to finalize our numbers well in advance of the season so that teams can be formed and uniforms can be ordered in time.


5. Does Park Ridge Football offer a family discount at registration?

Yes, a discount of 10% off of your total registration fees for families who register three or more participants in one online registration. Discount does not include the $25.00 non-resident fee.


6Can I still sign my child up to play after June 21st?

Players not enrolling online and attending one of the four registration sessions will be assessed a $20.00 late fee, and are subject to being placed on a waitlist.

IMPORTANT: Late registrants will be waitlisted and placed on teams at the discretion of the individual League Directors. Leagues are established with strict maximum openings, and these upper limits can not be exceeded.


7. Is there a formal refund policy?

Eligible Refunds
Players who are on a team through the first game of the season are no longer eligible for a refund.

Refund Amounts
After registration any refund will be minus a $25.00 processing fee. Players, who are eligible for a refund and have been issued a team jersey, will receive a refund less $50.00.

In order to receive a refund, equipment, which is property of Park Ridge Football, must have been returned. Equipment not returned will result in loss of refund, and a bill for an additional $150.00 to cover the replacement cost of the equipment.

Refund Processing
All refunds will be processed and paid during the first week of October or the first week of November.


8. Can I request my child play on a particular team?

Park Ridge Football’s priority with team selection is always parity. We aim to form balanced teams and promote a competitive, level playing field for all teams. We understand issues such as carpooling and playing with a friend, so you may make requests and we will do our best to honor them. Please keep in mind that as your child moves into Junior High and/or High School the friendships made on these teams with kids from other schools serve them well.


9. Do I need to purchase any equipment?

Park Ridge Football supplies all tackle players with a helmet, shoulder pads, football pants, and pant pads. Please keep this equipment in good condition as it is the property of Park Ridge Football on loan to you. Be sure to regularly wash the pants, removing pant pads beforehand.

Additional equipment information is as follows;

  • Cleats are suggested. Football, baseball, or soccer cleats should work. Metal cleats or spikes are not allowed. 
  • Players should also always wear an athletic supporter/cup and a mouth guard. We do not sell mouth guards, but a Dentist/Orthodondist will be at the registration sessions for consultation.
  • Socks, game and practice jerseys are supplied by Park Ridge Football. You may keep the socks and jerseys. All other League equipment must be returned in clean, working condition following the season.


10. How can I become more involved in the Park Ridge Football program?

Park Ridge Football welcomes new volunteers. There are a number of opportunities both at the team and organization level to help our athletes have a better experience.

At the team level, each team requires:  Coaching (Head & Assistant), Team Parent, chain operators.  Please contact your team's coach or a League Director to see how you can help.

At the organizational level, there are many board members and committee members that do the behind the scenes work.  Additional help is always needed. This ranges from committee members, equipment hand-out, webmaster, and many other duties.  Feel free to contact a board member with any questions, or stop by a board meeting which are typically held on the 3rd Thursday of each month and ask how you can get involved.

11. If I have an issue with a player, coach, or parent who do I contact?

Your first contact for issue resolution is with your son’s/daughter’s head coach. If the issue has not been resolved with the head coach, the next contact is with the level’s League Director. If the issue is still not resolved, contact the Park Ridge Football President. Final decisions on any issues are resolved by the Rules & Ethics Committee or Board of Directors.

Please respect your coach’s time during practice and games. Reserve your questions and comments for after practice.



Additional FAQs for specific levels of play...

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