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Welcome to the 51st Season of Park Ridge Football & Cheerleading

News & Updates

PRFB&C Educational Scholarship Award 

  • At PRFB&C, the 4 main pillars which we base everything we do are: fun, safety, skill development and education.
  • In the area of education, we have always encouraged coaches to discuss the importance of school and homework, and we have maintained a balanced schedule by minimizing practice time.
  • In order to further emphasize the importance of education to our players, parents and our community, we have created our first annual $1,000 Park Ridge Football Scholarship Award Program.
  • Our hope is that this program will be an annual tradition.

PRFB&C Off-season Programs

  • Due to the tremendous time pressures with many of our young athletes, PRFB&C has chosen not to continue our Winter Off-season program in 2019. 
  • We hope all of you continue to stay active in other sports and physical activities over the winter.
  • We have many ideas if your young student athlete is not currently in a sport, so feel free to contact us for suggestions.
  • We will look to do some fun skill building activities in the summer-closer to the season starting-so continue to watch for our emails and our website for updates.


Message from the President 

Dear Parents/Friends of our Program,

As we are closing the 2018 Season we want to thank you for all your support. Throughout the season, we counted nearly 200 volunteers helping our Program in one way or another every weekend. That is how our great town serves nearly 2,000 student athletes spanning 15 neighboring communities.

This sense of community and belonging will serve our young student athletes well into their adult lives. We thank you all for making this happen!

We will continue to do our best, as a volunteer organization, to educate ourselves in the off-season to improve our Program’s guiding principles:  Safety, Fun, Skill Development, and Focus on Education

Again, we thank you for your support this season and for our entire 51 years. We promise to work hard in the off-season to improve our Program and your experience for  2019.

We hope you all enjoy the Holiday Season,

Jim Toulon, President of Park Ridge Football and Cheer

# Park Ridge Strong