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"Our Program should always be about the kids" - Al Czech

Thank You for Volunteering. This program would not be half as good as it is now without the efforts of our volunteers. People like George Kalina and Al Czech who have dedicated their time and effort to the children of Park Ridge for many years. This web page is dedicated to these great men.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact:

Katie Brania

Operations Manager

Definition of Park Ridge Volunteers

We are only volunteers.

We are not experts. We’re your next door neighbors.

We are not perfect. We are parents just like you who just happen to raise our hand to help out.

We don’t have any more spare time or energy than you do: we work full time and juggle our families and our schedules and try to keep it together as best as we can.

The only difference between us is that we believe we can make a difference in the life of a child, no matter how small. We contribute our time, talents, money and mileage.

We try to involve parents who want us to understand that they have other commitments and cannot help out.

Sometimes we find ourselves going in too many different directions. Sometimes we run out of steam. We have memory and communication lapses. Time slips by. Many evenings we find ourselves online, looking for videos, talking to other volunteers and praying for help, support and understanding. Sometimes we feel unappreciated.

When a child who has just mastered a new accomplishment looks up to us, their smile lights up the room. When they say thank you, it was all worth it.

We struggle every day to instill fairness, consideration, self-respect and kindness. Sometimes we volunteers need to learn these lessons also.

Please be patient if we appear distracted, frightened or overwhelmed at times. Instead provide us with encouragement, offer your help. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

We are after all, only…mentors…role models…leaders… coaches…volunteers who are willing to give your child the most precious gifts of all: The gifts of our attention and our time.

A Note About Volunteers

"Many will be shocked to find

When the day of judgment nears

There is a special place in heaven

Set aside for volunteers

Furnished with big recliners,

Satin couches, and footstools.

Where there is no committee chairman,

No team that needs an eager coach

No bazaar or bake sale

Nothing to staple, fold, or mail

Telephone lists will be outlawed

But a finger snap will bring

Cool drinks, gourmet dinners, and treats fit for a king

You ask “Who will serve these privileged few, and work for all their worth?”

Why all those who reaped the benefits, and not once volunteered on earth"


- Author Unknown