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Current Weather and Forecast

If there is rain?

Please keep in mind that football and cheerleading occur in the rain. The only reason a game will have a weather related cancellation will be for consistent lightning or excessive rain. Since we play the games in the rain, we will normally practice in the rain. Practice typically will only be cancelled if lightning is prevalent or the fields are saturated.


If there is lightning?

If you see lightning in the area after practice or game starts, please return to the field to pick up your player. If storms are threatening, please remain at the practice or game in case it has to be cancelled after starting.

Thor Guard

Player’s safety is our top priority. The Park Ridge Park District athletic fields are protected by the Thor Guard protection system from April to November. The Thor Guard Lightning Prediction System consists of sensors within the City of Park Ridge that measure electrostatic charges at ground level and in the atmosphere.  When conditions indicate that a lightning occurrence is probable, the alarm horns will provide an 8-12 minute warning to clear areas and seek shelter.

Please download the Thor Guard Instruction sheet below for additional information.